3 reasons divorcing Illinois couples attend mediation

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2023 | Divorce Mediation |

Couples in Illinois get divorced for all kinds of reasons. Oftentimes, divorce brings out the worst in both parties and causes strong negative emotions for the people involved. The more that spouses fight with each other, the harder the divorce process tends to become.

Some couples now seek to minimize the conflict involved in their divorce proceedings by attending mediation. Divorce mediation allows each spouse an opportunity to share their perspective and gives them a chance to work together to resolve all of their disputes out of court so that they can pursue an uncontested filing. These are some of the primary benefits that incentivize people to attend mediation with their spouse.

Control over the outcome

Judges hearing cases in the Illinois family courts do need to abide by state law, but there is significant room for interpretation when it comes to parenting and property division matters. There will be a lot of uncertainty until the judge issues the final order, which is why many couples would prefer to take the ambiguity out of the process. Couples that successfully mediate sign an agreement that thoroughly explains the terms that they have set, thereby removing all uncertainty from the process.

The protection of their privacy

The more heated things become in divorce court, the more likely people are to share details about marital or financial misconduct that could damage each other’s reputations and create further tension between the spouses. Mediation is protected by statutes that make it a confidential process. Spouses can therefore discuss matters like marital misconduct behind closed doors and allow those issues to factor into their negotiation process without making those embarrassing details part of the public record.

A likely reduction in total costs

Divorce litigation can be incredibly expensive, as can the process of preparing for court. People have to review huge amounts of information with their lawyers and then present that information to the family courts. The more disputes that spouses attempt to settle in court, the more they will typically pay for their divorces.

Finally, those with minor children often find mediation useful as it gives them practice working with one another instead of fighting against each other right when they need to adjust to their co-parenting arrangements. Recognizing the numerous benefits that people derive from divorce mediation might inspire some individuals to pursue it as an alternative to litigation.