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Experienced Counsel Through Post-Decree Modifications

Whether you are seeking a post-decree modification or trying to stop one, The Law Office of Robbin D. Vanderwoude is here to provide you with the experienced post-decree representation you need. We handle a broad range of divorce and family law matters for clients in Libertyville and throughout the Lake County surrounding area.

When Are Modifications Needed?

Life changes, and many times existing legal orders must be modified to reflect present-day reality. In the realm of family law, there are many times when a post-decree modification is necessary. For example:

  • Custody orders may need to be modified to accommodate changing schedules. Other reasons for custody modifications include a parent wishing to move or a child’s changing needs and wishes.
  • Child support orders may need to be modified due to a job loss or change in income. Support modifications may also be necessary if a child’s needs change significantly.
  • When a child goes to college, parents may need to modify orders to establish a new framework for providing support.
  • Maintenance, formerly known as alimony orders, may change under certain circumstances, such as when the receiving spouse remarries or becomes self-sufficient.

Talk To An Experienced Lawyer About Your Family Law Modification Issues

Our representation does not end once the final divorce decree is entered. We will be here to protect your interests no matter what the future holds. To arrange your initial consultation with an experienced Illinois family law attorney, please contact our law offices online or by telephone at 847-281-5304.