Top Reasons Why People Get Divorced

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Some people think that infidelity is the main reason why couples divorce, but the reality is that there are many reasons why married couples choose to go their separate ways. Right now, you may be wondering if you should file for divorce and you could have reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with cheating.

The reasons for divorce range from financial problems and lack of communication to simply falling out of love. To learn more about why people choose to divorce, read further.

You didn’t do it for the right reasons

On your wedding day, if you were having reservations about saying “I do” to your husband but did not call it off because you were worried about what people would think, you probably got married for the wrong reasons. Sometimes it takes a few years or more to come to this realization and act on it.


If you are completely codependent on your spouse, or he is codependent on you, then your relationship is probably not in a healthy state. It is important to maintain your own identity and individuality while in a relationship and if you cannot do things on your own or make a decision without your partner, you might feel like you are losing yourself. This loss of dependence can often lead to divorce.

You don’t work as a team

Being in a marriage means that you have to work toward shared goals. This might be saving for retirement or the kids’ college funds. Whatever it is, if the two of you cannot work together and are constantly working against each other, then perhaps the two of you are too different to truly make it work.

Not financially compatible

If you are a saver and he is spender, you might be in trouble. A lack of financial compatibility often paves the way for divorce. If the two of you cannot see eye-to-eye when it comes to managing finances, this could be a major source of contention in your relationship.

While there are many others, the reasons above are very common for those who file for divorce. No matter why you think it is your best option, it is important to remember that divorce is not admitting failure. Instead you should view it as simply hitting the reset button so that you can get a fresh start.